T-Blocks Inaugural Year: Pioneering Tokenization in Albania & The Balkans

Our Year: Growth, Adaptation, and Vision

As 2023 winds down, we at T-Blocks want to send out a big Happy New Year to our community. It’s been quite a year for us – one filled with important firsts, learning curves, and moments that defined us. It’s been a journey that’s both shaped our path and inspired us to reach for new heights in the coming year.

This past year at T-Blocks wasn’t just about growth; it was about adapting, evolving, and refining our vision for the future. As we gear up for an exciting 2024, we reflect on the leaps we’ve made and the groundwork we’ve laid.

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Insights into the World of Tokenization

We’ve been keen on sharing our insights and observations in the fast-evolving world of tokenization through our T-Blocks blog. Here’s what caught our readers’ attention this year:

We also featured detailed reports from industry giants like McKinsey, Bank of America, The Block Research & AVA Labs, and FIBREE, offering a deep dive into the nuances of real estate tokenization. 📊

Our Milestones in 2023

As a young and dynamic startup, we’ve hit several key milestones this year:

First half of the year highlights
Q1 Developments:

  • In the wake of our launch, T-Blocks hit the ground running by securing angel funding from our network, marking the beginning of pivotal partnerships with tech providers and tokenization companies in EU.
  • We were lucky to join a virtual accelerator program, supported by over 90 YPO members, which steered us towards a niche market focusing on professional investors and novel project developments. 

Q2 Developments:

  • Under the mentorship of the accelerator’s experienced business leaders, we sharpened our strategies and opened negotiations with renowned asset developers to onboard the first assets, setting the stage for the T-Blocks Seed Round and assembling a comprehensive Data Room folder.
  • We formed strategic partnerships with leading digital asset firms, alternative funds, real estate companies, and global legal experts in tokenization expanding our business and professional network.

Second half of the year highlights
Q3 Developments:

  • Continued to develop strategic documents for T-Blocks, including our Go-To-Market, OGSP framework, Brand Strategy, Business Model, and more, laying a solid foundation for executing our primary objectives.
  • Achieved a major milestone by securing $235m in assets for tokenization, significantly strengthening our supply side.

Q4 Developments:

  • Concentrated our efforts on building demand in the tokenization market, a key challenge in the industry.
  • Forged agreements with 8 organizations, and connected with Balkan diaspora investors and family offices in the digital asset sector.
  • Kicked off our Seed Financing Round with constructive discussions, valuable feedback, and the expert guidance of T-Blocks senior advisors.
  • Engaged in local programs like the Swiss Entrepreneurship Program and EBRD facilitated by ICTs Lab, enhancing our fundraising strategy, and building connections and key relationships.
  • Honored to be selected to represent Albania in the YTILI Fellows program by the US State Department, strengthening business relations across the Atlantic.


What’s Next for T-Blocks in 2024

The upcoming year is about building on our strong foundation. We’re focused on completing our seed funding round and becoming a pioneer in asset tokenization in the region. We’re excited about the possibilities and are ready to lead the way in bringing innovative tokenization solutions to Albania and the Balkans.

As we step into this new chapter, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey. STAY TUNED  for more updates and milestones.


Here’s to a joyful holiday season and a New Year filled with breakthroughs and success!

From all of us at T-Blocks, Happy New Year! 🎉🥂



T-Blocks is the 1st tokenization gateway in the Balkans region, 
providing trustworthy and compliant real estate investment opportunities 
within the EU regulatory framework.

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