TBlocks announces first partnerships

T-Blocks, a startup that is revolutionizing the way real estate investments are made in the Balkan market, is proud to announce partnerships with industry-leading companies iVision Digital, JZF Group, and DAG International. These strategic partnerships are set to bring about unparalleled value to our business and clients, expanding our reach and capabilities beyond what we could have imagined.

iVision Digital, a subsidiary of iVision Group, specializes in digital marketing, web development, and e-commerce solutions, delivering cutting-edge solutions that help businesses grow and succeed in the digital age. 

JZF Group, a highly respected accounting and tax studio with offices in more than six countries in the EU, provides optimized fiscal operations for companies and high-net-worth individuals, providing tax planning, compliance, and advisory services to support their clients’ financial success. 

DAG International is a consultancy firm that offers advice on digital asset investments, including cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and tokenization, and is regarded as a trusted partner in the industry. 

How Our Partnerships Add Value to T-Blocks 

These partnerships provide us with access to a range of complementary services that will help us to expand our business and enhance our offerings. iVision Digital’s expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce solutions will enable us to increase our reach and connect with more potential investors, and their cutting-edge web development solutions will enhance the user experience of our platforms. JZF Group’s tax and financial expertise will enable us to provide our clients with the most effective and efficient financial solutions, saving them valuable time and resources. DAG International’s in-depth knowledge of digital assets will help us to stay at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly growing industry, providing strategic guidance and support to our clients looking to invest in digital assets. 

T-Blocks is thrilled to welcome our new partners and looks forward to working together to provide our clients with innovative, effective, and cutting-edge real estate tokenization and investment solutions. With these partnerships, we are confident that we can continue to grow our business and provide our clients with the best possible service, building lasting relationships and setting new industry standards.

Regulatory Disclosure

T-Blocks Limited (T-Blocks) functions in total compliance with the law. Investments in property and unlisted shares carry a risk. Your capital may be at risk and you may not receive the anticipated returns. Using credit or borrowed money to invest on T-Blocks carries a greater risk as even if your investment declines in value or is not repaid, you will still need to meet your repayment obligations. All persons who register as an investor on T-Blocks platform should read the following warnings carefully before making any investment.



T-Blocks has formed a strategic partnership with Elen Energy, a premier provider of green energy solutions in the Balkans. This collaboration aims to transform the landscape of sustainable investments through the innovative use of digital asset management and tokenization technologies. By combining T-Blocks expertise in secure, digital investment platforms with Elen Energy's robust experience in renewable energy projects, the partnership seeks to mobilize significant capital for environmentally sustainable initiatives. This alliance not only highlights the commitment of both firms to environmental stewardship but also sets a new standard for integrating advanced technology with green investment in the Balkans.

T-Blocks partners with Pro Real Estate Kosovo (Pro RKS), Kosovo's leading real estate broker, to revolutionize investment opportunities in the region. This collaboration aims to harness Pro RKS's expertise and strong diaspora connections to integrate cutting-edge blockchain technology for asset tokenization. By combining T-Blocks innovative financial solutions with Pro RKS's extensive market experience, the partnership is set to democratize access to the Balkan real estate market, offering global and diaspora investors novel, efficient investment avenues in one of Europe's growing markets.

T-Blocks proudly announces its strategic partnership with Mei Realty, a preeminent force in Albanian real estate development. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment for T-Blocks, merging our revolutionary capital-raising method with Mei Realty's extensive real estate expertise. By tokenizing a segment of their new developments, Mei Realty is set to make these investment opportunities accessible to a global audience, including the Albanian diaspora. This partnership not only expands our geographic footprint but also enhances our ability to attract global investors, reinforcing our commitment to innovating real estate investment across the Balkans.

Emerging economies face multiple hurdles such as lack of capital and inefficient markets, which hamper growth. This article delves into how blockchain technology is revolutionizing these markets through tokenization—transforming tangible assets like real estate into tradable digital shares. This shift promises more efficient, cost-effective, and transparent transactions, significantly impacting investment landscapes. It explores the specific case of Albania, an emerging economy, showcasing how tokenization can overcome traditional financial barriers and attract global capital. This paves the way for enhanced liquidity and investment opportunities, making high-growth markets accessible to a broader investor base.