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NW-SE Energy Park

Uncover the exceptional opportunity presented by NW-SE Energy, a top-tier solar energy plant.

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Treporti Dunes Resort

Discover the unparalleled investment potential of Treporti Dunes, a prestigious luxury resort.

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MEI Residence

Explore the lucrative investment prospects of Mei Residence, an exclusive real estate opportunity.

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  General information
What is tokenization and how does it work?

Tokenization is the transformation of real-world assets, like real estate, into digital tokens on a blockchain. This process legally represents ownership and allows for fractional ownership, greatly simplifying and streamlining investment. The first step involves setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the property. The property is then appraised and its value is divided into digital tokens, with each token representing a portion of the property’s total value. These tokens are issued through a Security Token Offering (STO) and are closely regulated according to existing securities laws.

Blockchain tokens offer a range of benefits for corporate finance, including enhanced liquidity, faster payments, reduced costs, and improved risk management. A key feature is their ability to consolidate all contractual agreements into a single token, facilitating efficient transfer with minimal intermediaries. This streamlines processes and lowers security issuance and fundraising expenses. Additionally, blockchain enables atomic settlements, further enhancing operational efficiency. Looking ahead, these tokens have the potential to transform secondary markets, increasing asset liquidity and offering new opportunities for companies to optimize their financial strategies in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Our platform provides access to high-growth investment opportunities in real estate and renewable energy sectors in Albania and the Balkans region. Situated along the same coastline as Italy, Greece, and Croatia, this area offers immense potential for growth. Despite its proximity to established European Union countries, asset prices in the region remain relatively lower as it awaits EU accession, expected within the next 5-7 years. Investing with T-Blocks allows you to capitalize on these opportunities early, positioning yourself for significant returns as the region undergoes rapid development and integration into the EU market.

T-Blocks streamlines the integration of blockchain technology in real estate investments using industry best practices and adhering to EU regulations. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Asset Identification and Documentation: An asset is selected, and all necessary documentation is prepared by the asset manager.
  2. Investment via European SPV: The asset is transferred to a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) based in Europe, allowing global investors to invest compliantly.
  3. Tokenization and Digital Securities Issuance: The European SPV is tokenized in collaboration with financial authorities. Digital securities representing the SPV are then issued on the blockchain and made available on the T-Blocks platform. 
  4. Investor Registration and Token Purchase: Potential investors register on the T-Blocks platform and purchase tokens. These tokens represent a stake in the SPV, and consequently, the real estate asset within the SPV.
  5. This process effectively bridges the gap between blockchain technology and real estate, offering a compliant and secure investment route.

In T-Blocks, the safeguarding of our investors is a multifaceted process. We place a strong emphasis on transparent disclaimers that clarify our role as a platform connecting asset developers with investors, while reinforcing this stance with stringent contractual agreements with asset developers. These agreements demand honesty in the representation and management of assets. Additionally, professional investors who engage with deals on our platform do so by fully accepting the terms and conditions of the investments. This acceptance is a critical part of our process, ensuring that investors are well-informed and aware of the specifics of their investment decisions. This layered approach, combining clear role definitions, SPVs in jurisdictions like Luxembourg or Switzerland jurisdiction, diligent compliance with financial regulators, and informed consent from investors, forms the backbone of our commitment to providing a secure, transparent, and reliable investing environment on the T-Blocks platform.

We address transparency and legal concerns in the region by leveraging blockchain and EU-compliant tokenization for real estate trading and investing, appealing to international investment standards. Within our process, we rigorously uphold Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards to maintain transparency and ensure compliance with regulations. Our approach includes thorough due diligence and collaboration with established developers, aligning with EU regulatory standards to uphold investor security and trust amid the anticipated integration of Balkan countries into the European Union.

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