Investment Calculator

Let's assume you invested EUR in a 1 million EUR villa and started earning % annually. You would have earned EUR 1,400 compared to simply leaving your money in the bank and losing purchasing power due to high inflation. Assuming constant returns, if you held your investment for 5 years, the total income earned from rent would amount to EUR 7,000. If the property price falls, you’ve still earned a healthy return on your investment simply by investing in it.

However, if we assume that your investment appreciates % a year. In 5 years the property's value would be worth EUR 1,216,652.90 and your original investment of EUR 20,000 would be worth EUR 24,333.06.

Cumulative Earnings

1st year
2nd year
3rd year
4th year
5th year

Market Appreciation

Net Dividend yield payment

Investment amount

That's a profit of EUR 2,081 on just the original amount. When you consider your rental income in conjunction with capital gains, the total earning of your investment would earn you EUR 9,081 that's a return of 45.4% over 5 years (annualized return of 9.08%)!

The result will be better if you reinvested your annual income in other investments. Staying disiplined and taking advantage of quality investments will help you grow your wealth over time.